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Logistics has become an essential business function that can serve as a strong platform for sustained growth and positively impact the bottom line. At César Castillo LLC, we are uniquely positioned to help your company successfully navigate the complexities of logistics, and assist you in ensuring efficiency and savings with our large-scale warehouse infrastructure; robust technology solutions; ample resources; and proven industry leadership for more than seven decades.

César Castillo LLC is Puerto Rico’s most experienced and capable third-party logistics provider (3PL) in the healthcare industry. We cater to the needs of over 60 logistics customers on a one-on-one basis. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Overall integrated logistics services
  • Warehousing of finished goods and raw material inventory, pick and pack, and delivery
  • Product distribution
  • Transportation solutions through an exclusive partnership with FedEx
  • Cold chain solutions
  • Brokerage services through our business partner Nestor Reyes
  • Hazardous waste through our business partner Clean Harbors


We serve manufacturers, distributors, and retailers through an unparalleled mix of business capabilities and strategic alliances that help streamline inventory management and reduce related costs.
  • 1,000,000 square feet of distributed warehouse space with the capability to secure more if needed
  • Ambient and controlled temperature warehouse space
  • Validated equipment environment
  • Foreign Trade Zone status capability at all warehouses, allowing deferment of property tax on inventory, and other tax incentives
  • Quality assurance focus that ensures regulatory compliance
  • Controlled substance management
  • Cold chain storage and management
  • Certified Minority-Owned Supplier
  • Proven DRP and BCP, facilities are equipped to operate without outside power and water for a week

Our clients benefit from our flexibility in adapting our offerings to their specific needs and short execution time.

Other benefits include: strategic alliances with partners such as FedEx for critical inventory fulfillment; Néstor Reyes for brokerage services; Clean Harbors for hazardous waste; and recently with VA-Q-tec and Pelican for temperature-controlled containers used in cold chain solutions.


We have invested considerable resources to acquire and develop robust, state-of-the-art information technology systems and world-class SAP ERP platforms to service our clients. This allows seamless integrations with our customers’ business processes using EDI X12 and XMLs standards over AS2, SFTP or HTTPs Web Service protocols.

  • Fully staffed internal IT department
  • SAP ECC 6.0 ERP system with warehousing module
  • Availability of “Pick by weight” functionality
  • Radio frequency (RF) technology
  • EDI, AS2 & FTP capabilities
  • Azure cloud-based offsite backup for disaster recovery
  • Internal dedicated storage for data backup and two (2) additional offsite backup locations for redundancy.
  • proprietary web-based platform for ordering, fulfilling, and reporting to retail and hospital pharmacies

Distribution Centers

César Castillo, LLC operates 1,000,000 square feet of validated warehouse space with capacity for over 96,600 Pallets Positions, divided among four installations located in the municipalities of Guaynabo and San Juan. Over 550 employees work together to provide clients with receiving, pick, pack, and delivery services for finished goods and raw material. We are equipped with wireless barcode scanner technology, fully integrated with the WMS system in a validated environment.

A large number of pharmaceutical companies rely on our distribution infrastructure to deliver their products throughout the island. Included are clients from industries such as medical devices and animal health.

We have the capacity to store and process tens of thousands of pallets in humidity and temperature-controlled areas as well as ambient temperature areas.

Each of our distribution centers is outfitted with back-up power generators and water storage facilities, allowing for uninterrupted operations in the event of a natural disaster or business interruption.

Guaynabo DC

  • Our main warehouse is located in the municipality of Guaynabo
  • Capacity of 310,000 square feet of space in a single building
  • 95% controlled temperature space
  • 5% ambient temperature space
  • Incorporates a heliport facility for customers that require real-time, 24-hour emergency services

Rio Piedras DC

  • Located in San Juan
  • Capacity of 240,000 square feet of space in a single building
  • 100% controlled temperature space
  • 30% ambient temperature space

Sjip-1 DC

Sjip-2 DC

  • Capacity of 150,000 square feet
  • 100% controlled temperature space

QA Program

We have quality systems and internal controls processes in place to ensure that our operations comply with all local and federal government laws. We adhere and constantly audit the standards set forth by the Food & Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board, as well as other regulatory agencies.

Our Quality Assurance System (QAS) covers all operational and functional areas. It aims to provide internal direction for meeting or exceeding our clients' and customers' expectations regarding the quality, security, and efficiency of the product or material. The system includes eleven (11) modules:

  • Management Commitment: Assure that every leader plan, organizes, directs, and controls his/her operation within a quality culture
  • Training: Assure that all employees are trained on the skills necessary to comply with working processes and practices
  • Self-Improvement: Organizational commitment to the pursuit continuous improvement
  • Compliance: Meet the internal and external authorities’ requirements and expectations
  • Health and Safety: Guarantee employees’ health and safety
  • Product Control: Operational activities must ensure product quality and integrity
  • Process Control: Ensure that the development, handling, and retention of documentation and evidence of operational activities are safely kept
  • Facilities and Equipment: Provide adequate facilities and equipment built and maintained to protect products/materials and personnel from any potential hazards, allowing a continuous flow of personnel and equipment, therefore preventing product/material mix up
  • Security: Guarantee security for personnel, facilities, and inventory
  • Providers: Provide business continuity through certified providers that ensure transparency of their roles within our processes
  • Environment: We have a responsibility with the environment, following regulations, using LED lights in all DCs and implementing a recycling program

Each of the quality modules has its own set of procedures and documents that support the completion of the pertinent processes. All documents are formalized in a manual documentation system.

Business Partners










Boehringer Ingelheim

Departamento de Salud

Ethicon, LLC

Expeditors Intl.


GIL Pharmaceutical


Health Human Services

Henry Schein

Janssen Ortho, LLC

McNeil Healthcare, LLC

Mead Johnson Nutrition


Ortho Clinical Diagnostics



Pfizer (Raw Material)

Roger Electric

RV Nutritional LLC







U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs