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Sales & Distribution

Health Beauty &
Wellness (HBW)

We are the leading distributor of health, beauty, wellness, and related consumer products in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. With over seven decades of experience, César Castillo LLC successfully manages the sales and distribution of hundreds of familiar brands manufactured by Fortune 500 companies who trust our expertise, in selling and delivering their products to their valued customers throughout the region.

César Castillo LLC has more than 1,300 retail customers in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, including independent pharmacies, U.S. chains, drugstore chains, independent and supermarkets chains, mass merchandisers; among others.

As an approved vendor for major retail chains, we facilitate the rollout of new products, and secure shelf space. Our broad portfolio of customers include trade, FDM, and institutional and governmental sectors.

We offer local marketing and promotion services in support of sales efforts tailored to specific retail channels such as food, drug, mass merchandisers and membership clubs. We provide distribution service coverage throughout the eastern Caribbean, including St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, Tortola, St. Merteen, Antigua, Anguilla, St. Kitts, Dominica, and St. Lucia, Nevis.


  • One-stop-shop solution for front end customers in the HBW categories
  • Daily deliveries
  • Paperless ordering
  • Our salesforce is equipped with tablets carrying up-to-date product information and purchasing history for all customers
  • Retail merchandising services for the Food and Mass Customers.
  • Clients have access to a variety of reports detailing sales performance by category, geography and sales channel
  • Exclusive monthly promotions through Botiquín Xpress

Brands We Sell




Becton Dickinson







Clear Eyes

Cocoa Butter Formula

Compound W




Dr. Scholl's




Hair Success Treatment


Just For Men



Naphcon A






Pharma Natural




Summer's Eve




True Metrix


    Pharmaceuticals (RX)

    The pharmaceutical division was established in the 1950’s with a focus on distributing pharmaceutical products in the Island. In 1999, the business transitioned into a full-line drug wholesaling division which currently sells thousands of SKUs; both exclusively and non-exclusively; to an extensive network of retail drugstores, specialty pharmacies, hospitals (federal and state), clinical laboratories, medical offices, and governmental health agencies. We sell and distribute pharmaceutical, specialty, and animal health products, including controlled substances, to over 1,100 clients throughout the island.

    In recent years, we have added biological and other targeted product offerings through our specialty division, which caters to physicians who are licensed to deliver treatment at their facilities, as well as hospitals and specialty pharmacies. In addition to rheumatology, pediatric, and nephrology treatments, we possess the necessary technology and tools to deliver other specialty products, such as vaccines, plasma, and oncology treatment medications, which facilitate access to end-users.

    As part of our customer-centric focus, our Teleservice team offers seamless support, not only to our salesforce, but to all our clients. They proactively follow up on the status of orders and other requests. Sales and customer service teams provide critical client outreach and can handle all incoming customer service inquiries. All members of our team receive extensive training which helps in providing a smooth customer experience.

    At César Castillo LLC, we supply our clients with a one-stop shop solution by offering the best combination of technology, price, delivery service options, sales, and customer service.


    • New product launch program
    • Stock allowance rebate management, including savings coupons, loyalty cards, co-payment cards and promotional material delivery
    • Drug recall management, acting as a liaison between the manufacturer and the client to communicate the details of the products that must be withdrawn from the market
    • Invoices show lot and expiration date information
    • Inventory is managed according to first expiration, first out (FEFO)
    • Full compliance with Rx Pedigree Law, ensuring that all of the products we buy and sell are procured from authorized distributors
    • Product registrations with the Puerto Rico Health Department
    • Our delivery options include, Next day delivery, Same day delivery and an On call program offering 24/7 delivery of a selected list of products

    César Castillo LLC’s team of professionals is expertly trained to work with direct contract prices provided by the manufacturers and Group Purchasing Organization (GPOs).

    Business Partners











    Sagent Pharmaceuticals, Inc.



      Animal Health

      The Animal Health Division was established in 2013.

      The division is now one of Puerto Rico’s top distributors in the animal health market, and manages an ample portfolio of over 1,500 products which fulfill the needs of over 450 veterinary clinics and hospitals, pet stores, and agricultural supply stores.

      Our Teleservice team offers seamless customer service support for all our animal health clients, proactively following up on the order status and other requests. Our sales and customer service teams are trained and equipped to conduct critical client outreach and can handle any incoming customer service inquiries


      • Sales team continually visits veterinary clinics, “agrocentros” and other agricultural and animal supply stores
      • Our salesforce is equipped with tablet carrying up-to-date product information and purchase documentation
      • Clients can place orders on the spot, which will be entered in our order fulfillment system (SAP)
      • Orders can also be placed to our sales representatives via WhatsApp or by phone
      • Sales staff conduct product presentations to keep clients up to date
      • Combined service offering distribution (including down-the-trade services), warehousing and delivery
      • Inventory is managed according to first expiration, first out (FEFO)

      Business Partners

      3m Anim Veterinary

      American Regent

      Bentoli Agrinutrition Inc

      Central Life Sciences-Farnam Co.


      Merck Animal Health


      Nipro Medical Of Pr


      Priority Care

      Wf Young Inc


        Hipódromo Camarero Race Track Store

        César Castillo LLC operates the store at the Hipódromo Camarero Racetrack in the municipality of Canóvanas. We sell Animal Health products and equipment to the owners of racehorses.


        Launched two decades ago, our proprietary online ordering platform provides clients with a robust and secure environment that facilitates ordering any of the products we currently distribute.

        Clients get a password-protected account through which they can access detailed information on all available products including pricing, view past order history, check real time inventory, delivery dates and place orders at any time. Users can also see accounts payable, review invoices, conduct payments, and follow up on any outstanding orders. Information in the system is verified and updated daily. Orders placed across all categories can be received, in many instances, on the same day.

        The volume of transactions handled by the platform has grown consistently and now routinely processes millions of dollars in orders.

        The platform is available for all our customers in the Animal Health, RX, and HBW divisions.